Addicting Candied Almonds

IMG_2050I stumbled upon this incredible recipe from Food with Family on Pinterest. My neighbors may be getting almonds this year in place of my standard Chex Mix holiday gifts!

In terms of ingredients, don’t change a thing. I ended up having to cook my almonds a bit longer than the recipe calls for. Stir often and take them out when they are nearly dry. Leaving them in until they’re entirely dry will over cook them!

Candied Almonds


Pumpkin Seeds

I’m feeling festive. Here’s the trick to a yummy snack post-pumpkin carving. Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin seeds

Olive Oil

Garlic Powder




Carve a pumpkin (or two!)

Dump the insides into a bowl

Separate the seeds and discard the pulp


Do NOT rinse the seeds (you’ll wash away the pumpkin flavor!)

Add olive oil (just enough to coat them)

Sprinkle on salt, pepper, and garlic powder to your liking.

Bake at 250 degrees for an hour or until slightly brown.