Hello, fellow soy-free dieters!

Be it an allergy, sensitivity, or choice (why?!), being restricted to a soy-free diet is a pain in the ass difficult. I have only been soy-free (and dairy-free) for a few short years, but have absolutely felt the frustration of such a limited diet.

Grocery shopping has become increasingly difficult (and expensive). The few products that are allergen-free happen to be without gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, etc. I’m not allergic to everything! I still happen to enjoy my gluten, nuts, eggs, and fish; I’d rather not limit myself any more than necessary!

And eating out in anything less than an accommodating five-star restaurant- forget it. My best friend emailed me a link to a frequent conversation.  http://girleat.com/2012/01/01/thank-you-restaurant/ Sound familiar?

My hopes in creating this blog are to provide you with manageable recipes and tips to not only surviving, but enjoying this way of life. Most of the recipes I share are from other websites or sources (I’ll be sure to give credit!). I will just substitute soy-free replacements. Please comment with any additional tips you may have!

Happy eating,




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